RLS is a one-stop shop for all your testing requirements. With our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with our experienced staff, you are assured of quality reports with optimum turn-around time.

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Residue Analysis

Residue trials are conducted to study the level of residues of agrochemicals in crop and soil post application. The residue trials are designed such that they consider the proposed mode...

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Toxicological analyses study the impact of chemicals on human health. This helps us to understand the degree of harm and safety a chemical may have on the health of humans when they come in contact.

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Agricultural pests as well as household pests can grow to be a huge menace, if not controlled. Our entomological services are designed to mitigate this nuisance.  

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Regulatory Services

Economic prudence largely depends upon the rapid and successful registration of active substances and products. To facilitate this, we at RLS are equipped to provide services...

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Contract Research & Manufacturing Services

The objective of this division is to provide Contract Research & Manufacturing Services in - Household Insecticides, Mosquito management & Vector control Products.

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